We started in 2003 in our garage when we went looking for some Wet Wednesday T-Shirts for our crew. I needed about 6 of them since we only had 3 crew members. I went to a few screen printers and the cost was approximately $50 a shirt because of so few. To say I was shocked would be an underestimate.

That is how it all began. Contacted some boat companies and they were on board. Invested in some equipment and my wife was all in. We quit our jobs and started Maritime T-Shirt Company.

We are a middle class family and this is family business. We are sailors and try to get out as often as possible. I was not always a sailor. As a kid growing up on Lake Michigan I fished with my neighbors on their powerboats. Chinook, Steelhead, Coho, Brown Trout and Perch when they came up. The love of the Sea is our passion and we do our best to make it a better place.

Every piece is made by us in good ole California. This Indiana boy is now a salty dog.

Thanks for shopping with us. We always guarantee our product. If your not happy please reach out to us.